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katekyo hitman reborn!'s LAMBO

Hello, and welcome to thundergrape, the one and only Livejournal community dedicated to Katekyo Hitman Reborn!'s lovable Lambo. Here, you can post all your fanfiction, fanart, icons, and whatever else relating to Lambo. Have fun!

» This community is for Lambo content only! Lambo with more than one character is fine, but if your fic/art/icons/etc are more general Katekyo Hitman Reborn! based than Lambo based, post it to hitman_reborn instead.
» Please be polite. This is common sense, but-- no bashing other people, and no drama or anything of the sort.
» All posts must have some sort of point. No intro posts unless they have something to offer, please. "HI, I LOVE LAMBO!!!!" won't do-- we know you love Lambo, that's why you're here.
» This community is both yaoi and het friendly. If you have a problem with either, well... that's no good, now is it? :(
» Please lock all posts with a rating any higher than PG-13, and make sure all posts have a clearly marked rating.. We need to keep the young ones innocent!
» Enjoy yourself. :)

» hitman_reborn: the main community related to KHR in general.
» thunder cry: the official Lambo fanlisting.

» The Affiliates. (and where you can ask to be added.)

» Layout stylesheet by ofthesea.
» Header by koizumi-- no stealing, please!
» All sprites from ameirodrop.
» Fanart used in profile image from 4chan.org. If you know of the original artist, please let us know so we can properly credit! ♥